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Below are some common questions that we receive from customers and inquiries.  We hope this page will help you with some of yours.  If not; please always feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Which sex makes the best pets?  Both sexes; equally.  We are asked this with the majority of inquiries. In the species we have raised now, and in the past; we can honestly say that not one sex has stood out over the other as far as pet quality.  Baby parrots are just like humans - unique in their own personality. The care, guidance, and attention they receive is a major factor in pet quality. 
What size cage should we get? First: The biggest you can afford.  Second: consider how much time your companion will be spending in the cage each day.  Third: Consider the size; especially the head size of your bird to ensure the bar spacing is proper so your little one cannot get through the bars or worse - stuck and possibly injured.  You will also want to allow room inside the cage for perches, toys, dishes, ect. and still allow plenty of room for your baby to play and get proper exercise while in the cage. 
Are your babies banded:  Yes, we close band each and every baby. Bands have our aviary initials (FOA), year hatched, and number.
Do you require deposits to reserve a baby?  Yes, Absolutely.  We require a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold babies.  This guarantees that we indeed hold the specific baby for you until your baby is fully weaned and maintaining on his or her own and ready to go home with you. 
How long after my baby is weaned do I have to take the baby home?  When we notify you that your baby is weaned and ready; you have 7 days to meet to deliver or ship your baby to you.  After that time; if we need to keep your baby for longer; there is a $10.00 per day charge to home your baby for you. If arrangements are not agreed upon; the baby will be offered for sale and any deposits will be forfeited. 
What do you feed your babies?  All our birds are fed a soft food mix each morning. The mix includes: a variety of veggies, fruits, sprouts, legumes and/or brown rice. We also start them out with their first solid food being pellets. We feed a wide variety of foods to your baby so they have a varied diet and are off to the best start possible. The babies love the sweet potatoes; especially the African Grey babies and Ekkies! We also make birdie breads for all our birds.  We make different varieties and offer great "goodies" in the bread mix.  Our birds seem to know when we are in the kitchen preparing things for them.  Many foods freeze well and can be kept readily available for your companion.
How often do you have babies? Our breeders are a part of our family.  We care for them and they are more to us than just "baby-makers".  We allow our babies to have 2 clutches per year with a long rest in-between clutches.  If a pair has a very large clutch; we only allow them to have that  clutch that year.  Our babies go fast and we rarely have babies which are not reserved at a young age.  It is very rare for us to have babies available that are weaned. 
What foods can I share with my baby?  Your baby loves to share a meal or snack with you.  If you are eating something; offer a few bites to your baby.  Always remember:  NO AVOCADO, NO CHOCOLATE, NO CAFFEINE!!  Please remember that foods high in fat or carbs/sugar should always be limited in amount given.  Your bird has very small organs and it doesn't take much to have a problem. 
What do I do if I need shipping?  We do offer shipping from OKC World Rogers Airport via either Contential or Delta Airlines at buyer's expense. If you will need shipping; we first verify that we can indeed ship from our airport to your airport of choice.  We do this upfront prior to accepting any deposits.  We never want you to be looking forward to one of our precious babies; only to find that there is no shipping options to your airport. 
Do you sell un-weaned babies:  No!  There are so many things that could go wrong in hand feeding and caring for an un-weaned baby.  We would not risk the health of the baby to someone who is un-experienced in hand feeding.   We want your experiences with you baby to last for many, many years.


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   Pictures and website content are the property of Five Oaks Aviary an may not be copied or re-produced without prior permissions.