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Who We Are

   Five Oaks Aviary (Bob and Lea) are hobby breeders who love birds.  We are two people who have found great joy in raising and caring for birds in our home. We have a lot of fun interacting, playing with, and loving each member of our "family".  We love to entertain them and they also entertain us. Their health and happiness is our primary concern.
   We have some that love to dance and sing with us.  Our Blue Crown Conure, Maggie, has learned the words to a song I made up for her and will sing it whenever we walk into the room.  She loves the interaction with us; as do most of them. When walking around the aviary singing; most of the flock will join in and have a great time with us.
    We have several hobbies that we enjoy and they all seem to flow together for the benefit of us; along with our feathered family members.  We raise a garden, have bees who produce wonderful honey, and have started an orchard.  We also have a green house for our love of orchids, cactus, and our ever-growing collection of dwarf fruit trees.
   Raising baby parrots is a lot of fun and work. It is not for everyone; but we have found it is rewarding and worth the efforts for us. It is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly.  We know when we put up a nest box; we are obligated to each baby produced to give it a healthy and happy start in life. Their future is in our hands and finding the best home and new family is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We do look forward to the emails and pictures from their new owners.
   We both enjoy cooking and the "flock" members have learned the sounds of their meals being prepared.  It can get quite noisy around here when we are making things for them. We have learned that you need to be extra careful not to let something spill over in the oven or stove top because Bingo; one of our TAG's; will let you know that she thinks you are burning her food. The wonderful happy sounds after they get their breakfast or other treats during the day is so rewarding for the time taken for them.  We are also a firm believer in "what you put in is what you get back".  This shows in the babies that are produced by our breeders.
   We provide toys and things to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated.  They love to have something new or something they haven't played with in awhile. With the Macaws; the toys usually don't make it for a second time around.  Bob is great with making new wood toy parts for all to enjoy.    

   A lot of people ask us why we don't raise a certain species.  Our breeders are very much a part of our home and family. There are some species that we have found that we just don't relate to as much as others.  It isn't that they are not great birds or that the species isn't a good one as pets. Just like people have different preferences in food, dogs, or other areas in their lives; each species of parrots is unique in their own way.  We feel it is best to raise what we personally bond with and enjoy the most. We would never want any bird in our home to feel slighted in any way.  If you are looking for a specific species in which we do not raise; please let us know and we will be happy to refer you to another breeder.

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   Pictures and website content are the property of Five Oaks Aviary an may not be copied or re-produced without prior permissions.