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Shipping Information


We will ship babies using either Contential or Delta airlines; weather permitting.  Both of these airlines offer fantastic care to your new family member.  We have used them many times over the past years and have found each baby has been well taken care of along the way.

   We prepare each carrier for the birds comfort while traveling to you. We supply plenty of foods and liquid-providing soft foods so your baby has everything it will need during the trip.  You will find there is plenty of food left over when he or she arrives.  This is for our peace of mind; just in case of a delay along the way.  We try not to ship if there is the forecast of bad weather; but we all know that Mother Nature can change conditions quickly and at the last minute. The health and safety of that baby is our first and foremost concern.  

   The carrier will also contain the paperwork on your baby. A starter packet of food will also be taped to the top of the carrier.  This will ensure that your baby arrives with the food it has been accustomed to being fed.

   We will email and/or call you with the reservation number once the flight has been booked.  On the day of flight; we will also call or email you the air bill number so you have all the information to track your baby all the way to your airport; if you choose to do so. 

   We always wonder about the baby until we receive confirmation from you that he or she has arrived safely.  Please give us a quick phone call after you get the baby home and settled - or on your way home from the airport so we know that they have arrived safely to their new home!  A courtesy call provides a great peace of mind to us!

Shipping expenses are: $150 for small carriers and $160 for larger carriers.  Prices are subject change without notice due to us not having control over the airline costs.  We do not know until we call to book the shipment if the airlines have increased their pricing.  We do try to stay on top of it so we can advise when taking reservations.

All payments for the baby and the shipping expenses must be paid 10 days prior to shipment arrangements being made.

                     ****Please note: We DO NOT ship un-weaned babies***  No exceptions !!

If you are interested in buying one of our babies; or have requested to put a deposit to hold a baby until weaned; please let us verify shipping ability by including your first 2 airports of choice.  We prefer to verify before offering you a baby to ensure we can ship from our airport to yours.  The last thing we want to happen is to have you waiting on a baby to wean and come to your home and find out at the last minute that we cannot get a flight into your airport.

                 Bob & Lea Bean      Oklahoma City, OK      Phone: 405-209-4312      Email:

                                                                                         Last Updated: August 18, 2017

   Pictures and website content are the property of Five Oaks Aviary an may not be copied or re-produced without prior permissions.