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Reserving Your Baby

Babies go fast and we normally have all babies reserved prior to them being weaned. To ensure we have a baby for you; please contact us to place a deposit to hold the baby of your choice until he or she is fully weaned. Please email us your information; species wanting, and if you will be meeting to pick up your baby or if you will need shipping.   Do not send deposits until you hear from us that we do indeed have a baby available for you. Due to corrupt files being sent; we had to take our forms off the website.  

     If you will need shipping; please include in your email your first 2 choices of airports.  We need to verify that we can ship from our airport to yours before taking any deposits. We do not want you to be looking forward to one of our wonderful babies; only to find out that we cannot ship into your airport. 

We reserve babies for their new parents with deposits only.  We cannot hold babies without a deposit; as others are wanting the babies! 

Deposits required are 30% of the price of your baby.  If using PayPal for your deposit; please be sure to add the 3% fee to the total amount of the deposit. 

Deposits are non-refundable; so please make sure you are committed to adding a  new member to your family; prior to reserving a baby. If you decide to purchase a different species that we have available; the deposit will transfer to that new choice.  

You may choose to make payments on your baby during the weaning process; or pay the amount in full prior to shipping or upon delivery.  If meeting to deliver, payment must be made in cash.  No exceptions!

If you prefer to know the sex of your baby and would like for us to have the testing done for you; the cost is $25.00.  You will need to add the dna expense to the required deposit amount.  We like to wait to have any dna testing until the babies are able to keep their leg bands on without worry of them coming off.  We strive for all paperwork on your little one match the leg band.  Once in a great while; a baby will slip the band off after the dna has been done; but that does not happen very often.  The species we have found that do this more often are the Pineapple Green Cheek Conures. Their feet are smaller for a time that sometimes even after they are flying, they find a way to get that band off their little legs.  

We do close band each and every baby.  We are proud of our babies and like to have each one identified.  It also helps when previous customers contact us to find another bird that is not related to the one they already have.  We keep great records; so will be able to trace that baby by the leg band.

All babies come to you fully weaned; eating a variety of soft foods, and with a starter pack of the pellets and seed mix that your baby has been being fed.  This will give you the opportunity to transition your baby onto what is local for you; or what you choose to feed your baby

If you are wanting a particular baby and we do not have any available at the time of inquiry; we will be happy to keep your email until we have babies available.  Once we have babies of that species; you will have first choice on those babies.  

The deposit payment can be made via PayPal or by mailing a US Postal money order only.  Please add 3% if paying by Paypal. Please do not send a deposit until you have checked with us on availability first!  We reserve the right not to sell a baby! 

                 Bob & Lea Bean      Oklahoma City, OK      Phone: 405-209-4312      Email:

                                                                                         Last Updated: August 18, 2017

   Pictures and website content are the property of Five Oaks Aviary an may not be copied or re-produced without prior permissions.