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 Damion with  his new buddy, Cinnamon

                Izzy with Louie; her baby Blue Crown Conure  12/31/12


    MoMo - Pineapple Green  Cheek with new family

 Abeni & Shannon



 Val & Keeton with Harvey  their new Hahn's baby


Gracie & Rodnieka having some girl time

Harmony & family

Eva and Finnigan    


 Kairi the green cheek conure is becoming great friends with her new family; including Shorty!

 Roxie - Jenday Conure with her brother

Iggy playing and watching Mom & Dad

        Roxie says, " I'll tell you my secrets & you tell me yours."

                             Izzy and her Blue Crown Conure Baby 


Jade and Dad sharing breakfast together.  Hahn's Mini Macaw baby



 Chippy loves to pose for the camera.

    Dwarf & Snow White    Robin's babies


    Cadbury is having a great day with family.

     Rowan-CB Conure enjoying cuddle time with new family

Zoey loves his new friend.  What a smile! 

Princess Bella and Shelly meet at airport and going home together. 

              Zoey playing with Tate

Ali Kay, Kirby & Tiki



Dani & Tiki

Vanessa's Yellowside baby, Cora loves her bath 

          Chippy's first birthday   Blue Crown Conure

            John & Tiki & family

      Double Yellowhead   Amazon babies



Kristi Dawn and RJ


Zazu & Devon 


  Scamper & Michelle


Robin's Crimson Belly Conures

 Austin's Pineapple Green Cheek baby taking a ride 


Amelia and her new friend, Skye 04/26/14

Paco & Scrubby became fast friends 


  Lexie, our Granddaughter loves to play with babies

Gabby & Cricket 

Tiki and John 

       Paisley & Autumn 

 Caitlyn and Charley  Normal Green Cheek


 Julie's Baby"I like to lay on my Happy Hut like this!

Kristi Dawn loves to climb on RJ's glasses

Hara's Baby, Cadbury enjoys watching the fish swim around.  

Bella and family


"Hey Mom, Where is the Popcorn for our game?" Roxie & Dad 

     Kerr all snuggled in with Katie! 


    Brylee & Crystal are best of friends

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   Pictures and website content are the property of Five Oaks Aviary an may not be copied or re-produced without prior permissions.